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Hardware Tempatures


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What are your internal tempatures running on your PC/Server setup? I just wanted a quick comparison to see if I am getting decent cooling with stock fans and my current setup. My system seems to run about the same temp at all times, and not much higher at all under heavy loads, so I am pretty pleased with everything, but wanted to know if these temps are high or low compared to others idle/heavy load temps.

width=462 height=712http://www.twistedpairrecords.com/digip/tempature1.jpg[/img]

My system is also super quiet, even when the fan on the GPU seems to kick up a notch, so overall I am pretty pleased with the system(which I have only had for about two weeks now). You can almost not even tell its running if it didnt have lights on it.


AMD Phenom 9500 Quad Core (Stock Cooling)

ATI HD 2400 XT (PCIe x16)

Creative Labs Audigy Sound Card (PCI)

4gig ram

2 500gig SATA II HDD's

1 exhaust Fan

300watt PSU (I may upgrade this, but everything seems to be working fine so far and I hav eno more hardware to add at this point)

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Hardware Monitoring : ITE IT8716F

Voltage CPU : 1.34 V

DIMM : 3.39 V

+3.3V Voltage : 1.94 V

+5V Voltage : 5.02 V

+12V Voltage : 11.58 V

DIMM : 1.31 V

NB : 3.30 V

VTT : 1.94 V

VBAT : 3.06 V

Chassis Fan : 10 rpm

Processor Fan : 2566 rpm

Processor Temperature : 57 °C

Processor Temperature (Core 1) : 29 °C

Processor Temperature (Core 2) : 29 °C

Mainboard Temperature : 49 °C

Power/Aux Temperature : 47 °C


Video Monitoring : nVidia Driver + Thermal Diode

GPU Temperature : 80 °C

GPU Diode : 79.7 °C

GPU Fan : 100%


This is with one fan and stock cpu cooler

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      Motherboard                                      22 °C  (72 °F)

      CPU                                              38 °C  (100 °F)

      CPU #1 / Core #1                                  38 °C  (100 °F)

      CPU #1 / Core #2                                  38 °C  (100 °F)

      GPU                                              51 °C  (124 °F)

      GPU Ambient                                      30 °C  (86 °F)

      Hitachi HDS722580VLAT20                          31 °C  (88 °F)

    Cooling Fans:

      CPU                                              3392 RPM

      Power Supply                                      2637 RPM

there usually around 95F but i have been watching some anime and using the forums  so the pc is not completely idle

CPU Speed:

      CPU Clock                                        2717.2 MHz  (original: 2000 MHz, overclock: 36%)

      CPU Multiplier                                    9.5x

      CPU FSB                                          286.0 MHz  (original: 200 MHz, overclock: 43%)


stock cooling with arctic silver 5

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HD0: 30°C

HD1: 32°C

CPU1: 39°C

CPU1: 39°C




CPU overclocked 2.66 to 3.4

GPU core overclocked 351 to 450.

I'm a cheap ass student.  So my cooling is far from perfect, but does the job. The heatsink on the CPU is a stock one from Pentium D.  The fan is a 12cm cool by color Akasa, with Asus Q-Fan turned on, so not too noisy.  I have an old Dr. Cooler CPU cooler on my GPU, took the temp down by 9°C.  I have the original GPU fan velcroed to the northbridge heatsink, which seemed to stop the system from crashing. Northbridge and CPU using startech silver grease. 

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I have the original GPU fan velcroed to the northbridge heatsink,

Can you post a pic of that...sounds interesting.

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how well does the velcro hold ?

Pretty well, better than expected.  And doesn't seem to be affected by heat, the PC was running when I took those photos, though obviously unplugged the chipset fan.  The velcro was solid in place, even though the heatsink was quite warm.

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