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C/C++ Lesson on IRC


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So yeah,

Some people have suggested I give C/C++ lessons, now I don't know if they're serious or not, but anyone wants me to teach some C/C++ stuff, maybe we can set up some dates and times for doing it on IRC.

Maybe start off with some basics, then quickly moving onto doing some stuff in Win32 API and messing about with Windows.

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Might be better to set them up with a good C tutorial and have them ask you about the things they dont understand. More free time for you :), but it would be great to get more people into programming we could see a lot of cool programs emerge from here.

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This seems like a good thread to post this in.

I’m in the process of learning ZPL (Z-level Programming Language) and I was wondering if anyone knows of any good online resources, also does any one else know K.

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I would think a combination is best. Put a tutorial together, and set a certain time when you'll be in the IRC channel to answer any questions, or even explain everything. Though I don't really see the difference between learning via IRC and a written text. The Skype idea might be good for people who learn better/faster in a 1-on-1 setting.

If this works out okay we could consider doing tutorials for other languages aswell. I've always wanted to learn ASM, but never got myself motivated enough for it to give it the time it needs. I could document what I learn as I learn it, people could give pointers or explanations where I make mistakes and in the end there's a complete tutorial. Sounds fun to me.

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Why not implement all of the above? First have a tutorial for people to access if they fall behind in lesson, second use skypecast for the general explination througout the tutorial. Third use an IRC channel as a pastebin or a place to paste links to pastebing (for debugging)

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uh I can help with c++ basics, but I think darren should satrt a "tutorial" section so that people can have the lessons on the forums, cuz IRC isnt there after peopel leae, and that means that nless ur there at he correct time, you wont get the lesson

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I just got in to the apartment in Huston 30 minutes ago and after checking all is well with my VPN I set up, I came hear.

I should have a few hours between 7PM – 10PM Central time, Sunday to Thursday once I get settled in and would be happy teach anyone:















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I think doing it all via IRC would be too difficult if there is any more then about 5 people on there, typing out all the questions / responses etc would be very time consuming and inefficient.

I like the idea of having a written tutorial posted online either in a dedicated tutorials area of the site or on the forums, and then having weekly meetings via some VOIP / IRC chat to ask questions. Either Skype if there are just a few people, Teamspeak or Vent if there are more, or Skypecast if there are a lot of people interested. I would defiantly like to learn some more PHP / MySQL over the summer.

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