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UPDATED quickclean.exe to support VISTA !!!


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3:25 PM 2/21/2008  Just use www.7-zip.org to open or winrar etc its just a SFX file.

SOURCE: http://rmccurdy.com/scripts/quickclean.txt

Basicly ganked all of CCleaners paths and added them too but what this does that ccleaner does not is ALL USERS

HEY KIDS ! finally updated my quickclean to support vista !!

http://rmccurdy.com/scripts/ quickclean.exe


THE QUICK SECURE CLEANER :: rmccurdy.com :: 2.0

UPDATED : 02/20/2008



Here are some of the files this program will delete

* deletes c:temp

* Internet explorer temp files for all users

* firefox cookies,saved,cache passwords etc  for all users

* temp folders for all users

* old windows updates

* recycle bin

* %SystemRoot%$ntuninstallK ( old windows updates )

* %SystemRoot%/$hf_mig$ ( old windows updates )

* c:WINDOWSInstaller ( install cabs for programs not really needed )

* OPTIONAL: all startup items for all users

* OPTIONAL: all outlook mailbox data and everything under 'Local Settings' for all users[shadow=red,left][/shadow]

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How does this program handle directory names? Also, does this program erase the index.dat histories?

Side bar: Would you be willing to share the source? I'd love to see your implementation...

You could also add a line that cleans out the last logged on user in:

HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogon

AltDefaultUserName & DefaultUserName

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