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8080 Computer playing Portal Still Alive


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found this guy on youtube and this hack looks awesome :p

8080 Computer playing Portal Still Alive

Bah. I liked the terminal theme from Portal so I made it real!

Everything on the terminals and sound is controlled by an Intel 8080 Microprocessor at 2MHz. The sound chip is a MOS SID (From a Commodore 64).

Original MP4, a preliminary MP3 and the assembler source code is at http://files.1338.info/portal/

More details for the computer system itself can be found at http://kaput.retroarchive.org/

video ->

width=1600 height=1200http://files.1338.info/portal/1.jpg[/img]

width=1600 height=1200http://files.1338.info/portal/2.jpg[/img]

width=1600 height=1200http://files.1338.info/portal/3.jpg[/img]

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There are tons of them on YouTube. This is a cool one too. The guy plays the theme using a first person shooter and a piano mod added to the game:

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