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I was watching the late night 10 news and they had a story on a usb drive that created a "bubble" as they called it on the network making it secure and Uncrackable they say. It was made buy the csiro of Australia and is being marketed for bpay transactions.

You plug this usb in and it creates a secure network on the network to send info securely from one computer to the other. Then once you unplug the usb all the info you send and received is "Gone". What are your thoughts and do you think it can be cracked? I think it can but i dont no anything more about it.

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Going on just what you've said seeing as how you didn't post any further resources my gut says it's unproven junk proprietary software thats getting media attention for its physical USB form which is easier for noobs to grok. I'd like to see a similar story on the news about SSL or SSH. Oh wait, those are software concepts that don't sparkle in studio lighting. *sigh*

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I setup a USB stick for my GF so she can surf any site she wants at her school

* portable firefox

* porta putty

so when the puts it in the autorun just starts portaputty,tunnels and firefox

if need be I can setup  ping tunnel so all you need is ICMP and DNS

where are you tunneling through to tho ?
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