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Bypass Eula on PStools?


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I use pstools for my network administration tasks and the relatively new EULAs that Microsoft put in are really starting to annoy me. What's the point of command line utils that need to be accepted by the user...

Now I've seen posts that show where in registry to put the accept entries with maybe reg.exe or whatever but I'd much prefer if there were another tool like pskill that does the same job on machines from NT to XP but without the EULA bs. does anyone know of such a tool?

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Try and find a mirror of the original file before it was taken over by Microsoft. Thats what I did with google for his root kit revealer.


havent used it, so be sure to scan it for virii first.

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What about adding the "EulaAccepted" Regkey before?

eg 4 pskill:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


EDIT: Sorry, overread the last part of your 1st post.

EDIT2: I've downloaded v 1.12 of pskill from microsoft, and see there, if you start it the first time with -accepteula, it accept the eula, and you can kill a process with the first run. I think this parameter is included to the ps-suite from now...


pskill.exe -accepteula winrar.exe

EDIT3: M$ Technet Link to PsKill

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I recall there's a switch that can be used with it which accepts the EULA.  Accepting the EULA makes a change in the registry so at least acceptance is remembered on that particular computer.

Exactly, you could do a reg add before unpacking/launching the tool. Sysinternals uses the REG_DWORD for a boolean check that the EULA has already been accepted in:


with the name: EulaAccepted

EDIT: Not all of the Sysinternal's pstools accept the flag /accepteula...

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As I said before I know about the changing the registry thing but I just wanted something simpler and less dependent and nircmd seems to do the trick. I suppose I really should learn C and make my own apps lol... Thanks for all your help everyone.

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