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Unencrypted wifi on campus..


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Hi everyone. 

Im currently studying computer science on second semester in Denmark.  We have full free wireless coverage on campus.  Nice and convenient right?


First of all, you have to log in through a portal that you will get directed to automatically when you open your browser, and then keep that window open.  Furthermore the connection you then get is UNENCRYPTED. . 

I know that in a situation like this i should just not use it at all, but in some situations i really need internet on campus. 

Im using both windows and unbuntu, but mainly windows. 

Is there anyway i can feel a little more secure when i'm online on campus. 


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Ok I just woke up and am a little cranky so I'm just gonna start off by calling every one but the OP a noob... now that thats done I can help

if you have a box at home you can use SSH or a VPN to tunnel your traffic though

BSODtv have a video tutorial on setting up the SSH tunnel

however if you have more then a little linux experience you can set up openVPN with redirect-gateway and the configure IPtables to act as a nat

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