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Vista and XP Network


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Wondering if someone has any idea or can point me to where I can find out more about the differences between XP and Vista as far as

My Network Places (XP) and Network (Vista)

I have 5 computers running at all times and in XP Network Places never automatically see's them, but in Vista everytime it's like it scans the network automatically and so far see's everymachine reguardless. I haven't used Vista much, but I'd like to know more about how exactly that differ's from XP.

Also I hope this all makes sense to anyone reading, I'm a bit on the ubber buzzed side ;)

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The "network Places" is a bad thing. It really fucks up large networks with hugely excessive amounts of traffic. It's far better to know the IP address of the computers or host names of the computers (but for this to work they must be registered with the local DNS server, which is usually a router) and disable computer discovery services (doing this in vista will likely stop things that aren't even slightly related from working, probably the ability to change desktop settings).

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Ok, that's nice to know. I just was curious the difference in Vista and XP, because Vista always appears to scan my local network for hosts in Network and in XP Network places doesn't I was curious as how vista scans the network whether it's finding them with icmp or another way and why XP doesn't.

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