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Hak5 Ringtones


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I got bored today and wanted to play around with Adobe Audition 2. I then remembered I had downloaded the Hak5 Intro theme song from a link thrown around in the IRC room.

I made 2 versions, a high and a low. If your phone is older, you may want to use the low because it may not play the high.

Here are the specs:

Hak5_low.mp3 : 22050Hz, 32kbps, Mono

Hak5_high.mp3 : 44010Hz, 96kbps, Mono

I have a Tmobile SDAD and I can play the high verison fine.

If it will not play as an mp3, change the EXTENSION to .mid. It sounds crazy, but it usually works.

Just email it to your phone or transfer with a data cable. Have fun!

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Tried it out on my Mototrola SLVR, works nicely, very clean unlike some conversion of music to ringtones on phones.

Only thing is that I can notice the "glitch" when it starts again, you've done a pretty good job on trying to line it up but I might have to fade it out for me to use it, it'll annoy me otherwise.

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Well, its a bit more then 30 seconds for a reason. When I started making ringtones for phones, I would make a 3-5 second loop. The problem was that it didnt repeat the song. Some phones, it works fine as a loop. Others, it doesnt loop. So you get a 5 second ring, and nothing else. Anyways, a phone rings for only 30 seconds max.

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