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Any One a Program that tells me when someone is active on the wireless ?

Justin Ewing

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a program that monitors the wirless netowrk and tells me if someoneis using it  ?
Are you talking about seeing if someone is using your wireless network? If so, you can just log on to your router and display the DHCP Client Table and see who is logged on.
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There are lots of things that can scan a network. If your router is doing the DHCP then you can use a scanner to scan the IP range given by the router using somehting like nmap, but can sometimes not get a reply from pc's who block its scan. The easiest way is to log on to the router and see what ip addresses have been assigned to users on the network and you can then use the router to disconnect them. There are so many programs out there, you just have to search for them.

One thing you will want is something that can discover devices based on the MAC address. If you do a scan but ge tno ip address, a scan that searches for the MAC address should return a device on the network if its connected.

Also, use mac fitering on the router to restrict access to just your pc's mac addresses and no one can log on (unless they clone your mac address :) ).

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