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Bug Report - Google Web Accelerator and Pandora Jar 8.1.1


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Was not sure of which topic to place this under so I created a new one.  Here is some information on the problem and how I fixed it.

When using Pandora Jar 8. 1. 1 the output mp3 files were 52. 5 mb in size, always, and were unusable.  After some digging the file size exactly matched up with the Google Web Accelerator cache.  After uninstalling the application and deleting the file it worked correctly.  To access the file (in Temp) simply open the Internet Options and view the files in the Temporary Internet Folder.  Then go up one level and into 'Temp'.  Search for "GoogleWebAcceleratorCache".

This problem didn't occur once, however after many attempts it persisted.

If anyone has the same problem and Google Web Accelerator hope this helps!

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