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Music dropping out


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does this happen in the flash player it's self?

in firefox, try clearing the cache and also clear the temp files located in your documents and settingslocal settingstemp      folder

as it may use those same folders for me it works fine, I currently  am running it on a school computer from a usb flash drive and it rips songs fine

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Nope, after trying that it still doesn't work  :?

Other people mentioned this, too, I noticed, in the Pandora main thread. This happens on both Pandora website itself and Pandora's Jar.

Also my PC is just fresh installed, as of Christmas, so no junk should be stopping it.

Weird! I just noticed Pandora's website doesn't work in my main browser, either! Something is really f'ed up!

BTW, just to make sure I disabled all running applications-still no luck  :-(

If you can't help me, I'm going to contact Pandora directly since it happens on their site, too. But I'm sure some guru here could help me out!!

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MouHa! Ha! Ha!  Now that's funny! It's like saying «Hey mister, will you help me steal from you!»  Hi!  Hi!

Hou!  Hou!  Hou!  Ho boy!  I don't know if the "TimeShifting" excuse is going to survive that kind of lame!

Lol, no, it happens on their website also so I don't have to even mention TimeShifting  8-)

Pandora replied back-they said a small number of users have this problem but they don't understand why...

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