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ok, so on frontpage i need to make a form for alumni who want to come join us etc, i know how to get the form together the problem being, I need to get it to get it configured to send to a email address. So I bring up the Form properties and for file name i type in "mail.domainimusing.org" and for the email address i type in "alumni@domainimusing.org" I click ok and i get the error:


Microsoft Office FrontPage


This form cannot be configured to send results via e-mail. The Web site may be located at a disk-based location, or on a server that has not been configured to send email. Contact your system administrator or Internet service provider for more information.

Would you like to remove the e-mail recipient?


Yes No


Anyone see where im going wrong or know what to do? ANy help is appreciated. :D

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Well, reading from the error it would appear that Frontpage, the way it's installed on the server, doesn't have any configured way to send out email.

My guess is there's some configuration thing in Frontpage _on the server_ that tells it what its outbout email server is, and that hasn't been setup yet.

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Well i reinstalled the fp extentions...and i dont see a way to configure them...Im currently using bluehost.

Starting install, port: 80.

Created: 27 Mar 2006 03:02:47 -0000


Server extensions already installed on port 80.

Reverting to upgrade.

Starting upgrade, port: 80.

Created: 27 Mar 2006 03:02:47 -0000


Chowning Content in service /.

Port 80: Upgrade completed.

Upgraded Version:

Setting Password

Frontpage passthough auth enabled!

FrontPage extensions are currently: installed

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Assuming it's a unix box it might simply mean that the sendmail binary isn't accessible (rights, not in the PATH, etc.) for the script/apache user. Or just not wherever Frontpage Extensions expect it to be. I'm not really (really not) familiar with Frontpage. All I know is it sucks. :D

You should give bluehost a call.

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ack, trying to avoid that its a linux server, here are the specs:

General server information:

Operating system Linux

Service Status Click to View

Kernel version 2.6.9-34.ELsmp

Apache version 1.3.34 (Unix)

PERL version 5.8.5

Path to PERL /usr/bin/perl

Path to sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail

Installed Perl Modules Click to View

PHP version 4.4.1

MySQL version 4.1.14-standard-log

cPanel Build 10.8.1-RELEASE 113

Theme BlueHost X v2.5.0

Control Panel Manual Click to View

cPanel Pro 1.0 (RC36)

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