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Insufficient Memory for truecrypt whole disk encryption


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I tried to encrypt my whole drive with truecrypt 5.0

After installing and going through the first part of the process I was told that I needed to restart to continue.

I restart and at the boot loader I'm told to enter my passphrase. After entering it I get a warning beep and I'm told that I don't have enough memory to continue. The computer has just >1.4GB of RAM. Anyone have any idea why I might be having a problem.

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The encryption method your using requires more memory than you have, install more RAM or change the encryption method to one that uses less RAM.

I thought that's what it was initially, but to be honest it seems really silly. For one thing, I have 1.4GB of RAM, which really should be enough. I don't see any mention on the truecrypt site saying you need obscenely large amounts of RAM for this to work and that it won't otherwise. You would think that if that much memory is not enough they would at least mention it.

Additionally, AES was designed to be suitable on smartcards and very low spec devices like that. I really don't think that a proper computer is going to have any problem with it. I'm pretty sure that there is something else wrong. Which I find really annoying because it still means that I can't get it to work.

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