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DIZ and NFO Editors


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I have been doing NFO and DIZ ansii type art in notepad and notepad++ but its hard copying and pasting the code when you do not have a palette of ansii to pull from. I have been downloading different NFO fils just to copy little characters at a time and its really tedious to do it this way.

Does anyone know of or have a good ansii/ascii NFO/DIZ editor they could point me to?

width=719 height=297http://www.twistedpairrecords.com/digip/ansii_nfo.jpg[/img]

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charmap and notepad...

Yeah, with Terminal font set it works, but it just takes too long. I wish there was a notepad that had the charmap embedded so you can just click through them while editing it in ms-dos mode so you see it as its being created.

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