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I could have made it wITTy...


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I've got a couple more pictures to take but I figure that I might as well post my lame.. umm.. mod?


I would just post the image but angelfire (yeah.. I know) would replace it with the "this image is hosted by angelfire" bs.

Love it or hate it; I will be making a "wITTy" mod as well. If you're thinking of "T"; then you've never been to an ITT campus.

- AndyzBong

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thnks of there commercials "you really don't have to go to college for 4 years to get a good job"

really? how much can you learn part-time in 2 years?

depends, some people think shoveling shit is a wonderful job.Me on the other hand, think that to work in a higer paying job, u need quilifications, and if u have a Uni student go up against a part time / cheap quilfication student, the uni student should pull out on top every time.

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+ your 120 grand hex fee

:| wtf? in Aus a standard Uni course is... 5g a sem, with 4 years in a course and 2 sems a year thats. 2x4 = 8 * 5 = 40. 160-40 = 120. In the first year of working, even with hex and paying it off, u stand to make 120k AU.

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