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WEP security check via eeepc with crapdowz


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So, I've got a Asus eeepc in my lap and want to check my router's security(right now I'm using WEP, but since I saw how apparently easy it can be cracked I want to check it myself).

The problem is - I've sinned and installed Crapdows on it.

Can anyone please explain me how to get something working, because in the generic guides it's told to go to some site where custom drivers are available, but the drivers are not for the specific eee's wi-fi card.

Basically - give me a rough five sentence kick in the right direction.

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Get a shell (ctrl-alt-T)

Then type:


      sudo wlanconfig ath0 destroy


      sudo wlanconfig ath0 create wlandev wifi0 wlanmode monitor


      sudo ifconfig ath0 up


      sudo iwconfig ath0 channel 1


      sudo wireshark

In step 4 you should replace the digit 1 with the number of the channel you want to monitor (normally between 1 and 11)

In wireshark now capture ath0.

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