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Phreak toolkits


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Good Job for all who have contributed to this topic. Before yesterday I had herd of phreaking but never actually read anything about it. After reading this topic last night i stayed up 'till about 3:30am reading txt's ect. I have found all of this very intresting and (at least carrying over 'till next week) will continue to. But I have one question for any phreak out there, is phreaking dead? I am unable to find anything recent on the subject...

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Just ask any kid who "stumbles" upon the local ring back number or the ANAC every now and then. They love to make the payphones ring, while they sit there and wait for someone to come and answer them.

I use these "tools", beige box mostly, to help figure out problems with phone lines where I work. I use the ring back number (not sure what acronym this really is) and the ANAC for line location in the DMARC's and pedestals.

There are other tools and boxes that are useful and I use them for legal purposes only, where it is necessary for me to use them.

So my hat is off to those who knew what they were doing way back when, and provided the docs online for us to read.

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I don't really know the state of the scene. I left the scene in late 1999 and have only maintained one contact thats still active. Now he's pretty well known in the community and speaks at hacker cons. 2600 magazine is still around however I'm not sure how much of that is phreaking and how much is hacking.

IRC is a good place to learn new stuff, or at least it was when I started. #2600 and #phreaks on just about any network will get you started but you may not find everyone to be so welcoming to newcomers.

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