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Pre-Installed Vista + IDE 500Gb = Issues :(


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Yay my first Vista issue :)

Pretty much ive had a 500Gb External (IDE -> USB) hard drive for a while now, worked perfectly in Vista. I have lent the encloser to a friend, and went to install the 500gb into my machine, the issue is, once the HDD is added vista no longer boots, it just black screens. Vista is installed on a Sata 80Gb Rapter.

Ive tried the 500Gb on slave and master, so not to interfier wif the SATA, aswell as i have directly booted from the OS drive, same thing, the black screen. Just looking for useful suggestions.

in b4 MS hate: all HDD's are read perfect in Ubuntu Live and UBCD.

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its gettin to vista, it seems to hang once it starts to load it, if i kill the power once it hangs, the next boot it will come up wif the MS inccorect shutdown screen, when selecting either safemode(s) or boot normal, it again hangs on the blank screen (right b4 the normal loading bar apears)

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I have lent the encloser to a friend, and went to install the 500gb into my machine

Is there data already on the 500gb drive? Didi it have a drive letter assigned to it or did it take a random drive letter through the USB interface? If so, windows may not know what to do with it since it is no longer removable storage. You may have to wipe it out or get back the enclosure to use the drive the old way.

You could try booting a Vista DVD when the two drives are hooked up and see if you can fix it from there, but not sure what options are going to be available under Vista's recovery console. Might need to add an NTLDR on the 500gb to point to the 80gb raptor to boot or format it with system files to give it a static drive letter since its no longer removable media.

If you do not need whats on the 500gb drive,try installing vista on the 500gb(or just format it so windows can use it), but do so after disconnecting your 80gb raptor. Then hook up the SATA 80gb raptor and see if vista sees two isntallations or a new disc. Then once booted,you would have to setup the new drive and tell windows to add the device if it doesnt see it by default.

I dont have Vista installed anymore, so I can't really say any of this will work, but I think Vista doesnt know which drive to boot from once it sees the second hard drive since it does not have a drive letter assigned to it but has data on it. If booting the vista recovery disc doesnt let you edit the 500gb then maybe you need to install/boot linux and partition the 500gb disc and move files into the new partition. Then try booting back into windows and see if it can see the drive.

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