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how long will be take to crack this wpa2 key


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i have a question, how long would it take to crack this wpa2 or wpa key:


(this is of course not my key.... but i use one just like that)

i dont know much about cracking, i wondering how long it would take to crack this and if its possible


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Milena given that the attacker doesn't know the length or what characters are used and all they have to do on is the raw data stolen off the wireless. On current computing power that is (you would need

to get it done in any decent amount of time ;))
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It could technically be brute forced if you had the right resources to hand (ie, multiple stream processors) but the cost/effort/time involved would outweigh the eventual gains of cracking your wireless. This is still fairly secure, as most hackers will just move off to a different and easier target. But if you need to really secure it you should seperate your wired and wireless networks with a VPN.

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