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Web Server/Jinzora Question


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I followed the tutorial in the wiki about how to install Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Jinzora.  Everything has installed fine, and I can connect and play music on the machine that it was all installed on. 

I cannot connect to Jinzora from any other computer whether it is also on my home lan or not.  I'm pretty noobish at this, so I'll just tell you what I have done so far.

I have created a domain name at DynDNS and tried pointing my browser to "hxxp: www. mydomainname. com:port/music/" with no luck.

I have tried connecting using my ip address with "hxxp: ip. address. stuff:port/music/" with no luck.

I have forwarded the port I used on my router for TCP and UDP.  (wasn't sure if it needed UDP for anything or not)

I am using Windows Vista and have the windows firewall enabled, but the port I setup is opened for TCP and UDP.

On computers that are on my lan, I have tried going to the local, wan, and gateway address.

Nothing has worked.  Any ideas?

Oh, and btw,  I'm new to Hak. 5 and this is my first post.  I haven't finished watching all the archives yet, but Hak. 5 is great!

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