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Board waiting for my GF to get ready so I will teach


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////// Warning I don't recomend this //////////

Have a nice pwerful computer want to learn how to hack and get a free VPC!!!!

1 Go to ISO hunt

2 Download Vmware ESX or Workstatiin

2 Install Vmware

3 then install lets say freebsd and windows2k ontop of Windows you are probly running right now.

4 attck windows2k with metaspoit from freebsd, install bots, trojans on the Virt window2k and study.

5 Learn what what ports are always open in windows using freebsd and nmap

Dreams are endless

////// Warning I don't recomend this //////////

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ok 1 how come mubix gets mod privliages?? and as for banning, this guy said nothing wrong, well hum it needs editing, but puttign viruses on vmware is done alot to test exploits. Also, as an idea, we should vote on bans. I understand taht its hard and all, but liek we shoudl do the diggesque way of banning (or not?)

-edit read the other posts by this user, compleatly agreing with darren

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Sorry i gave it about 3 seconds thought. i dont have time to read everything and it looked like a spam bot and smelled like a spambot.

Rob731, if your not a spambot please tell us what it is we remind you to trust at the end of each episode of Hak.5. Yes, thats my bot test to the one there.

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Can't ban users at the moment myself.

Main reason I didn't delete it (and the others) is that while vaugly dumb, it doesn't look like a spam bot (unless its a new way of posting "good" content, getting an OK rep, then spamming). No drugs for sale in his sig, just qoutes from captin obvious's IT hand book....

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I agree with VaKo on this one. This post is actually a good suggestion. If users want to to learn to hack they should:

a. Get one or two spare computers and practice hacking those.

b. Get VMware Player and VMX Builder and then hack virtual machines on their own desktops.

c. Go to HackersLab, PullThePlug, Root Wars or one of the many other wargames sites out there that offer a spot for you to legally hack.


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