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im reading up on putting linux on ps2, and on one of the sites i went to it says it has direct rdram, but only 32 mb of it. if i took the rdram out of my computer (256 mbx1) and put it in place of the 32mb ram, would it work at all? and if so would it make it faster or would it limit the speed to 32 mb anyway...

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I suspect there would be a firmware issue of some nature. That's of course if you are able to follow the traces on the motherboard to find where another 168 pins are on the 'chipset'* that would allow you to solder up another DIMM.

*I say chipset meaning the thing that sits between the CPU, RAM, DVD drive controler, graphics card and I/O that makes them work together. Hence why I said chipset. It probably isn't even similar to a traditional chipset.

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