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Home automation/Maybe Perl


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I'm looking at developing a home automation system , its just in its initial planning stage at the moment, but basically the control interface would be graphical , maybe using a browser........the hardware would include things like X10 controls and a 1-wire system with associated controls.

It would include to start with automation of heating system with weather compensation(along with monitoring of energy useage), lighting and appliance control, security cameras/alarms and maybe media. It would all be accessible remotely away from home and I'm looking to wrap it all up as an app running on one box, maybe with a NAS/Media server as an extra add-on.

The only thing out there like this that I have found so far is an open source project called Mister House developed in Perl and I'm thinking of maybe using this as a starting point( well it gives me an excuse to learn Perl!).

First,does anybody  with Perl programming have any recommendations for texts or web tutorials?

Is anyone interested in getting involved in a project like this?

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