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I was at the Manchester rally and it was great. There were over 100 people there (one count at 13:30 was 110, although others have estimated a peak of 150) and the atmosphere was really friendly. There were guys there from SA, ebaumsworld, 4chan, and just unaffiliated people (it really isn't just /b/). There were people handing out free cans of coke, free rice crispy cakes, and other free stuff. There wasn't as much meme spam going on as there apparently was in London, and what there was had people laughing and kept up morale (although one person shouting "you just lost the game" resulted in a rather loud combined groan from everyone there). Thousands of flyers were handed out (I handed out about 50 myself) and the majority of people there spoke intelligently to interested passers-by, with the main down side of the being a small group would wouldn't stop clustering around a scientogist troll who obviously was intent on making us look like the bad guys. It ended at 15:00 (with the group bowing to the CoS building and singing the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme tune as we left) due to the police asking us to disperse before people started coming out of bars after the Man United-Man City match which was on the same day.

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lol, just watching a dvd.

haha I think recognise that guy on the front. Is that the guy the Scientology guys have beenĀ  targeting him for their 'fair game' activities for a number of years.

March 15th will either be really shit or huge. I'll have to try and get down there.

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