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iPod 60GB Video Freeze


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I have read up a little about this I have had video freezing problems just wondering if other people have had these problems? For example all Revision3 stuff works Hak5 Doesn't :( some video's work and some don't. I just wanted to see if others have had this problem and did rolling back your firmware work for you?

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I was pissed! I normally only use my desktop to update my ipod but I am on vacation so I put ipod updater etc.. on my laptop when I plugged my ipod into my laptop tonight it said firmware update avalible it never did that on my PC and I tried to update the firmware and it said up to date SHIT! I have been dealing with this BS video freezes for like three months but all fixed now Darren was right firmware 1.1.1 is fine no more freezes!

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