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a little Call of duty 4 app i wrote


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i hate using the COD server list thing because it drives me nuts trying to find a nz server without downloading 15000 other ones.

there is a site called http://www.game-monitor.com which works well, the downside is you cant just click a button saying PLAY and it launches the game.

this program i wrote allows you to copy and paste the IP from there or anywhere and then click connect and it will launch cod4 and connect to the server you wanted.



Executable: ftp://files.uber.net.nz/pub/admins/anthra...od4SC.zip  ---400Kb

Source Code: ftp://files.uber.net.nz/pub/admins/anthra...on_Src_Code.zip ---1.7Mb

just thought i would release it into the community, i would hardly call it complex, just a couple of simple lines of code and a basic GUI.

source code this there so someone may want to take up some ideas i originally had.

Like a place to save favourites with IP and server name.

note this should work with other versions of Call of Duty since it just points to an executable.

let me know what you think.

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Not too shabby, not to shabby at all...  :-)

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What did you compress it with? Windows and Winrar barf on the file, but I renamed it to .7z and 7Zip opened it fine.

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yeah its winzip. was the only compression tool i had.

anyone know in c++ how to execute an external .exe without bringing the cmd window up?

currently im using system(); and it leave a cmd window up until COD4 closes.

Not sure how to do it in c++ but it can be done in vb6 using shell execute.


It probably uses somehting similar in c++ to call SW_HIDE for the program you want to execute.

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cheers for all the positive feedback.

i have come up with a better name for it, so now its called "Call of Duty 4 - Direct Connect".

the .exe download has been updated but the source code hasn't yet.

the only changes to the code were renaming the form.

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