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Hard Drives....


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just looking for some advice here, i know its not too complicated of an issue, but you guys usually know what your talking about here so i figured id ask...

Looking into getting 1tb, of storage, wondering if anyone has any experience with the hard drives that are available now. I've heard some real horror stories of hdd's failing very shortly after purchase, and i have alot of data that i cannot lose...

any brand better than other? i was thinking dual 500gb seagates with sata....

basically the most well rounded hdd will suffice, reliability is deff a must...

thanks for the help...


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Always used to buy Maxtor - never had a problem once, had a Quantum and a Segate die on me. Using a WD at the moment as it was fast and cheap... need to get some Raptors.... in an array hummm need some money  :lol:

Either go 3 x 500GB for 1TB on Raid 5 or go 2 x 1TB on Raid 1  :mad: depends how much money you have

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Remember to always buy a replacement drive at time of purchase. The last thing you want to do is buy 3 x 500GB drives (cheapest options), have one die then run around like a headless chicken because you don't have a replacement for the dead one.

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I just built a home server a few months ago with 1TB RAID5 storage.  I bought four Samsung 500GB SATA hard drives (model HD501LJ).  The drives have a 4 out of 5 stars with 810 reviews on Newegg. com.

I also bought a Highpoint RocketRAID 1740 PCI RAID card to do the RAID5 configuration.  I was limited by the mobo to a PCI slot.  So far the drives have worked just fine, and I've even purchased two more to replaced the failed 160GB drive.

Here is a little more detail about my server:  Main purpose was file storage and MythTV backend.  I wanted data redundancy which is why I chose RAID5.  I decided to use four drives, Maxtor 160GB HD for OS and MythTV, three Samsung 500GB for storage only.  The RocketRAID card is not a true hardware RAID but it met the criteria: low cost, PCI, SATA RAID5, Linux drivers.  I used Ubuntu 7. 04 64-bit command-line install (alternative download) so it could be headless.  All-in-all, the server worked fine (some great documentation on how to install a backend only MythTV server), although I had to compile the RocketRAID drivers and had a little trouble but in the end, it was a simple fix.  The fourth 500GB drive is for a backup in case one of the RAID5 drives dies.

Recently the old 160GB finally died, or should I say on it's way to dying.  It still runs, but Linux will crash after a while, and the click of death is starting.  So I decided to purchase two more Samsung 500GB drives in hopes to do a mirror RAID for the OS and MythTV recordings.  (I was filling up the 160GB with TV recordings anyways)  Little did I know, my mobo doesn't do a real hardware RAID therefore it won't work.  So I'm using the spare drive as an external storage drive.  I also upgraded to Ubuntu 7. 10 64-bit. 

Future plans for the server are a web based BitTorrent client and media cataloger/streamer.

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