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Hak5 Radio Dev!


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Hey Everybody,

So we have had this little community radio station called hak5 radio for quite a while now, and its never really had a proper website to support it.

Thusly, I am planning some development for a website and a DJ backend. If you would like to help, hit up #h5rdev on irc.hak5.org

Also, we will be having a meeting at 10 PM EST,on Tuesday night, January 15th, or 0300 Wednesday the 16th.  It's an open meeting, so if you want to contribute, please join us!


- DarkSenay

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Alright, so the meeting today at 4:00PM EST will cover some of the mockups people have created for hak5 radio, as well as further discussion for DJ portal features.

I have been working on learning php, so eventually I will be able to contribute to coding the DJ portal and making that work properly.

If you are interested, please make your best effort to attend this meeting.

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