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Hello again,

I have recently gotten a job part time at a Small family owned computer sales and services. We use a few different programs and installing them one by one off a usb flash drive. I was wondering is there some way to make a single exe to install of the programs with all of their settings configured. If anyboy has a solution i would appreciate it.


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Each program will probably need, either, a sub section of a script of some nature dedicated to it or it's own script that deals with it's specific requierments.

If you where to use Ubuntu (for example) it would be damn easy. Run a single apt-get command that installs every thing then simply copy all your custom configurations to /etc, windows isn't so easy.

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It's easy if all the settings are saved in the registry, you do your install and then merge a reg file with said configuration and reboot the system. If it takes other things like ini files then that will work too, just copy it to overwrite the default one but other than that, I would not know what to do.

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