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running windows nativly, and through Virtualization.. activation problems...?


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Hello all, i have a problem (as you can probably guess from me posting in the Questions area)

OK here's what i am doing, i have windows XP pro (its not really pro, its a 'cracked/hacked' version of home edition CD to install Pro, it doesn't come with all the same tools. . . ) its installed on drive 2 partition 1, then i have Ubuntu 7. 10 gusty installed on drive 2 partition 2(and 3 for swap).  Now on Ubuntu I'm running a program called VirtualBox, (its like VMWare, virtual PC 2007. . . ) and you can have it boot an already installed windows XP from a partition/hard drive, but when i boot from windows natively (not through Ubuntu) and then i boot into windows through virtualbox windows sees different hardware and makes me reactivate windows, now i activate windows, then boot back into windows natively, it will again see another hardware change and make me reactivate, right now after doing some research on the internet i found this site: http://mazimi.wordpress.com/2007/07/11/get...ng/#comment-872 that tells you to keep each of the WPA files wpa. dbl and wpa. bak for both activations (native activation and virutalbox activation) then with a script to change the activation files depending on how its being boot, before windows WPA can detect the changes. . .  the site tells you to use gpedit. msc which i don't have (cause i installed pro from a home edition CD). . .  i tried downloading the files needed to run it from a few different places but it doesn't show me anything under the computer configuration. . . .

so my question does anyone know how to get a batch file to run before login, or even stop WPA from wanting me to reactivate when i switch from native to virtubox and vise-versa?

(note: i cannot use a pro CD to install. . .  because the 'hacked' version i have is a home edition CD key, that can only be used with the home edition WPA. . .

note2: i cannot activate windows over the internet, i have to call them and activate windows. . . )

edit: fixed link...

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you seemed to have hacked XP to hell and it's some sort of cross bread of Home/Pro so I don't really know what to suggest other then reinstall it however it will overwrite yore MBR making it hard to then boot back to ubuntu... soo gah

what do you want to do?

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I'd be half tempted to suggest an activation crack. Now, I know this could be piracy and all that kind of stuff, but if you're only using the (legitimate) copy on one machine at a time (which technically you are) I see no problem. I can't help you find the crack but Google can. It'll stop Windows asking for activation with every native/VirtualBox reboot you perform.

On the other hand, it's probably breaking the EULA and all that fun stuff. IANAL and YMMV, check you're legal first.

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"hacked XP to hell"

what do you mean by that?

it wouldnt really mess up the MBR... Ubuntu's grub is on drive 1... (I disabled drive 1 when i install xp) so windows xp MBR is on drive 2....

yeah the install that i have now is 'technically' illegal... as one user put it " you're technically not allowed to modify any of the software on the disc, especially for the purpose of spoofing the activation sequence"


I would only like to use a WPA crack as a last resort...

i am using a valid XP home edition cd key that i bought i just 'hacked' the home edition cd... i would post a link to what i did but i think its against hak5's rules

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heres the site.... its changed quite abit from the last time i used it (more then 6 months ago), but it looks the same


is there any windows tools that come with home editon that i can use to run a script before windows logs in?

well a friend suggested that i should *cough*get a windows xp corporate edition iso...

that would be i think the easiest way especialy if i have to reinstall... but the most illegal way,

idk this is a link in the microsoft forum, and it seemed like he couldnt get any help for the same problem im having


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Nope, its not against the rules.

but it is against the law in America (DMCA), and obviously the user license agreement.

I don't have a take-down notice in front of me, so until I do, enjoy clicking on the link...

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