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im dumb founded?????


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I have been messing with windows 2000 and have it running on a machine older than most of our moms. P3 500 mhz, 256mb ram. Well maby not old but its outdated. Im using it as a server. perfect right? sadly not. After about 1 -2 hours running from a fresh restart, no traffic will go across the nic card. Any solutions? if you need more info i will be able to provide it. I can't think of anything else to ask or say. BUT THIS I NEED HELP!!

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ok another piece of this puzzle has been added. when i try to intiait ping from cmd it says ping: transmit failed, error code 1450. and this was to (localhost)

I was using Xlight ftp server, then when the nic card or what ever gave out xlight started giving .dll errors. Like it said bad image. computer got real slow when those started up then i shut the ftp down and it started getting faster, and things would open properly.

eugh.( god / buda / evil server ) doesn't want this to work out. :((

Update: im going to try and run everything but xlight and ill post back when i get back to check on it

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heh. I'm tired of messing around with this machine so I'm just going to redo my Linux server and move everything over there. its on a 100 x better machine and it has a legit version of an OS. I'm in love with Linux and i want to further my knowledge of it.

thanks for the help. you guys are the best

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