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Importent Information for all User of P-Jar and any different Problems


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Hello guy´s,

so I had the same same Problem as you all, in the last 4 weeks, I tested every variation of razors and Darkone´s  P-Jar.

And I had really all problems you read here on this board! Can not Rip/ can´t Catch/ Double tittel ect.

I Do it with all versions of Flash, all versions of Firefox, all versions of installations usw. but with no success....., so i wanna go out and make my own "catch system", but where is the time for it.....  :x

I began to read ALL post´s here on board, and I find the problem if I read "between the lines"

Why works the applet by some people, but not by all (ore the most :shock:).....

Now I tested a idea....

I make a new "virgin" installation of Vista

with only Firefox and P-Jar from Darkone 8.1.1.... and what could I say -> It works

I tested it now for one week for 24 hours, and in this time only 3 stops (=Flash find a script who makes you system slowly....., You wanna kill this script?)

It runs with no Double Titel or to short mp3...., it works really wonderfull

The only thing who wanna go /Sond and band information tell me "disabled" but I can live with it!

Last.fm is in function

history is in function

CDDB is in function

Cruise control and manuel  is in function

Reload is in Function

I Do it with

Vista Basic

newest Java


Flash 8.0 R24


P-Jar 8.1.1 from darkone

newest Zonealarm (that was tricky do do the right configuration in Zonealarm) but if you see how many programs wanna go to network, it is better to make one more hour, for a perfect firewall installation

I don´t know what´s the problem on an older OS-installation, but on a Virgin System it´s WORKS!!!!!!

I have enough Computers to say "never touch a running system", so it is now my Radio-PC.....

I hope this helps more Pandora-Freaks......... :lol:



Mr. Blowfly

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