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need a new wireless card, detectable in linux


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I need a new pmcia wireless network card for my laptop, the one I have (integrated) won't get detected in any linux distro i've tried. I think its called atheros or something, it blows, and the range isn't very good.

Bottom line; I need a new card, that I know will be detected in linux without any configurations, and the range must be as good as possible, I was hoping some of you had some experience with a good card?

Note that it must at least be a 54G-card, preferebly a high speed mode card

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I use a Dell TrueMobile 1150 PCMCIA card and it's worked with all the live cds i'ce tired. Also works with ubuntu which I have installed right now. I don't believe they make it anymore, but it was 802.11b anyway. It was actually an orinoco card that dell put there label on, so go look at orinoco cards.

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I've got a Proxim Silver card and it's great. I purchased it because I wanted to play around with making a cantenna and it has an external connector.

It may not work for you though because it uses the Atheros chipset. I'm not sure why you can't get it to work with Linux because since the release of MadWifi drivers I haven't had a problem with Linux support. Heck, FreeBSD even supports Atheros chipset cards so it's turned out to be a great card for me.


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MadWifi + Atheros chipsets = win every time. Just because you can’t get it to work doesn’t mean it blows, it means you do.

I’m sitting hear running a Ubiquiti SRC 300mW 802.11G/B/A Wireless card which has a Atheros chipset and running  kismet-newcore and everything works perfect. 

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As metatron said the Atheros cards work really well with Linux I have a USB one that I have used in a WRT and it is great.

Have a look at the Madwifi/Atheros Wireless Linux Driver Users Guide:



If you really are unhappy with the Atheros chipset have a look at http://tuxmobil.org/ I am sure that thy have a list some where of wireless cards.

The othere chipset that I have had great success with is the Orinoco chipsets I always have my silver in my GO BAG.

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I have a Broadcom card built in to my laptop and only a few live cd's seem to find it. One that works pretty well with it is Backtrack2, which has a lot of audting tools built into the distro like Kismet , Wireshark, etc. Maybe it isnt so much the card as it is yoru distro or you need to find the right drivers for it.

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