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Pandora Timeshifting App: Main Discussion Thread


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Renamed From: Another Pandora App (ID3 MP3 tagging/Artist Bio/Open source)

For those interested - Here's ultimate Pandora / last.fm app.


  • 1) Download / save mp3 - /pandora station/artist/album/song.mp3

2) ID3 tagging pandora station name(as comment)/artist/album/song/track/year/genre

3) Fetches artist bio - via last.fm

4) fetches last.fm [track stat]

5) Fetches last.fm [similar songs]

6) Fetches last.fm [top fans]

7) Fetches and saves album art - via last.fm

8 ) Tags ID3 cover art - (embeds album image in MP3, viewable in ITUNES / IPOD)

9) Add track to your last.fm account [recent tracks]

10) Open source

11) Non hosted

12) 100% JAVA

for updates please refer to the noobs guide:



Java 1.5



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I don't get irritated by the forums often, and never take things too close to heart, but this is beginning to get a tad frustrating. Yes, I'm aware that Pandora rocks, and that these (questionable ethics) great programs that have been coded to get songs downloaded from said site show "Mad Skillz", but please... please, please, please can we condense all of this into one thread so that it's not a case of going to the Hacks section and seeing nothing but page after page of Pandora every single time you log on?

Pretty please?

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"cannot find mp3-file, make sure you use a firefox browser"

Running on winXP pro, Firefox, no plugtmp in the target documents and settings folder... how strange huh?

All pandora "time-shifting" programs don't work, unfortunatly...

Gr J

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nice work, man.

of all the different pandora apps available, i think this is shaping up to be one of the best. well at least its my favorite. and thats saying alot because i worked quite a bit on my version. but hey, i like yours a LOT

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right on itsgus....

I'm stoked that you are getting some use out of it - the album art idea was actual yours - thanks :wink:

Any other idea's are def welcome......

For the next release I'm planning on adding a feature which allows you to send the current track playing to you last.fm account. It will follow the same logic as the save MP3 - if the MP3 is save the track will be sent over to last.fm

I will need to set up an authentication piece to work with the last.fm account.

httpUnit + a sigleton class to hold the authentication token on the client app - this should work fine as the app is intended for a single user.

I need to figure out what the add song url is, as well as the parameters required - I'm going to use browser http sniffer and reverse engineer an existing app. Please if anyone already has this information please let me know as it will save me some detective work.

Any other suggestions on how to do this are welcomed...

If you run across any bugs, please ley me know and I will patch in a future release - I'll find a few every now and then from normal use.


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yes, i noticed you downloaded the album art.. thats pretty freaking sweet dude.

next step is to attach it to the mp3 so when i put it on my iPod, i see the album art :)

just trying to make your work harder for ya :)

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I've been using this app too and it is working very nicely! Thanks for the great work.

One thing I've noticed is that some characters aren't getting used correctly in the file naming ... ie a ',' (comma) ends up as a '%2C' in the file name.

The other thing I've noticed (and not neccesarily a problem with the app ... more with pandora I guess) is that the artist names are not always standardized ... eg 'The Mono Men', 'Mono Men', and 'Mono Men, The' have all shown up! It would be great if the was a way to standardize the names although I understand that is not an easy thing to do!

Those are my only comments. Great work!

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itsgus you asked for it and here it is.

incremental release:

tags ID3 cover art - (embeds album image in MP3, viewable in ITUNES / IPOD)



Thanx for the feedback - yes there are some strange things happening with song name / artist containing special char. I will try and deal - once and for all, next patch.

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Very important!!!

I found out why ALL pandora-apps were not working on my pc. I had Flash Player 8.5 installed...

So all pandora apps only works on winXP + firefox + flash player 8 or lower...

Just so you know :D


While I am at it, some suggestions:

- Settings file: "use artist folders", "download-to folder", "download extra song information", "download album art", "show extra info"

- Able to give a song a favourite tag, so they are placed in a different folder

- Able to disable different items on the page, if you only want a small window

- Grab it to...

- Export playlist of what is timeshifted to mplayer,winamp,itunes whatever

- Open download-to folder with simple link

- Link to your own site, with documentation (need host? need designer? need programmer? :-) I'd like to help..)

that's what I can think of at the moment, keep up the good work!

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That utility looks great...unfortunately it doesn't work for me :(

(I use the 8.0.24 Flash player plug)

In the pandora.jar app, I get that message: "No enum const class enums.FileType.ICO"

In the Firefox window (http://localhost/) I can't see the Pandora player loading.

Then I tried to load the Pandora page in another tab of Firefox, then pressed "Grabit" and I get that message:

"HTTP/1.0 500 Internal Server Error Date: Wed May 17 23:50:21 CEST 2006 Content-Type: text/html Cache-Control: no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate, max-age=-1 Server: Pandoras Jar Connection: close"

Voila;-) I've given you the most info that I can...would you please give some kind help to me? ;-)


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hey, irieb

in my 3 - 5 emails a week, where people ask me for my pandora app, i've been referring them to this thread instead of giving them a link to my own app.

i like what you've done that much :)

(and i tell them to avoid 3tunes, tee hee)

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Well the song/artist information is still cached in a xml file in ~/.mozilla/firefox/default.[user]/Cache/SomeRandomFileName, i havent really looked into how it adds new songs to it but im sure someone will write a new program to use this.

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