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Help me find a Python-based ID3v1&2 tag reader


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Write one. ID3 tags are in a specific location of th efile, liek the last 128 bits of the file or something. I do not use Python, but I imagine it works with file? Open it in binary mode and dump the strings from the range they fall in, parse it out to display it. Close the file and done. Then just print the info to the screen.

I had to make a program in VB to fix broken mp3s that had corrupted data in teh ID3 tag sections. It was coming up as garbled data and would not play the file. I later found out it was because of the ID3 tag and once I blanked out those fileds with spaces and resaved the file it was fine and would play, but I am sure you could use the same method only in Python to do the same thing and read the data.


EDIT: Sorry, it wasnt the last 128 bits but 128 bits following the "TAG" string in the file: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ID3

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