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Life After Microsoft


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For better or worse, Bill Gates changed the world, shame to see him go tbh.

This is an interesting interview: http://gizmodo.com/341802/bill-gates-expla...osoft-and-apple

Yeah, read that one too.

Its funny, for all the people who "hate" microsoft for one reason or another, the pc industry would not be where it is without Bill Gates. With most of the industry using Windows in some form or another, they are on more desktops than any other OS and in more businesses than any other OS.

Apple would not be where it is without Gates as well, as much as people do not like to admit it. Windows did change the world of computers and push it to the mainstream. Other companies were forced to try new things and innovate on their own.

To me(and this is just my opinion), Linux is the new Windows except that instead of one version succeeding the next, like 3.1, 95, 98, or XP, there are a zillion flavors of "XP like" OS's out all at the same time. That makes it hard to pick and stick with just one flavor of linux. Too many choices make it hard to switch when you want certain features that are spread across all the versions and not consolidated into just one mega OS. While you can run most of th eprograms for linux across other versions of linux, in my experience, it isn't always that easy as just downloading a file and opening it.

I will probably get flamed for this, but Windows just makes things easier. They take a lot of the guess work out fo the equation. Yeah, it's uber leet to be able to walk the CLI and talk the CLI, but its much more fun to be able to pop in any disc and watch, play, install and run anything I want with XP. Especially when just about everything that runs in Linux has been ported to windows. Granted, there is Wine, but I'd much rather go the other way around and have it work on Windows where I know it will be stable.

I haven't made the switch to Vista (even though I have it) and I will probably skip right over it until the next OS the same way I did with Windows 2000 and ME, but I would say it's gaining ground. If they can really speed up the OS and trim down the bloat while becoming more compatible with older hardware, then they would have a more solid OS and a reason for me to make the switch. Sure, Vista works, but it just doesn't work as well or efficiently as XP, and with SP3 supposedly making XP even faster than it already is, they are going to have a hard time pulling me in to Vista...

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it was that speech that lead to the worst of Microsoft's problems.

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I loved the video and am also sad to see Bill go.

On the other hand he will still remain as a chairman, and has said that he will personally handle the development of projects he likes (like surface (which looks awesome)).  Also, I do firmly believe that he is out to do good work in developing nations, and help bring them technology.  With that being said I do think that he will be a frontier man trying to make sure MS products are part of the technology given to developing nations.  There is a linux vs. windows war right now for ultra cheap laptops, and right now linux is winning.  I think it would be naive to say that part of The Bill/Melinda Gates foundation wouldn't be to ensure a Microsoft victory in war.

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