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I tried it under previous Linux versions of FireFox (v2.0) and Flash Player (v9.0.21.55),

the 128 Kbps .MP3 encoded files were sitting in the /root/.mozilla/firefox/ ... /Cache/

directory while /tmp/plugtmp/ was holding .PHP files with evocative names such as

'Create', Track_Info'...  The Title, album, artist, year and duration were clearly visible

when i checked.  Should i have had a raw capture tool that doesn't care about anything

but the sound file i'd have put a few songs inside my .MP3 player for sure...  Nice site,

the idea of sharing our musical experience sounds appealing if that can be brought to

full completion:  chat about music while everyone listens at it!

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Thanks for your replying.

I'm out of US, so I connect Pandora through HotspotShield.

But the network speed is very slow, I try other net-radio.

And now, I have returned to Pandora.

I love Pandora-Rip because it's easy to rip files.

Thanx a lot.

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It's been months ago but i configured TOR with many peers in its list,

web pages are slow to load but Pandora seemed fine since i have

a speedy DSL access and i don't cancel songs or change stations

too often.  DownLoading one single .MP3 file felt quick enough but i

was doing little else...

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