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Rainbow Kitty (some helpful rtgen bash scripts)


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width=70 height=165http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/5742/rainbowkittygu7.th.jpg[/img]

(rainbow kitty says: MEOW!)

So since I made these scripts a long time ago and found them quite useful for "set and forget" rainbow table generation under linux, I've decided to release them.  Even though they're REALLY simple, they're also REALLY useful.

[pre]Dependencies: bash (duh)

Gentoo ebuilds:

net-ftp/lftp  #A sophisticated command line ftp/sftp/http/https client and file transfer program (used in connect_ftp.sh)

app-arch/p7zip  #Port of 7-Zip archiver for Unix (used in 7zip_max.sh)

app-crypt/rainbowcrack  #Hash cracker that precomputes plaintext - ciphertext pairs in advance (used in gen_tables.sh)

sys-devel/bc  #Handy console-based calculator utility (used in status.sh)

app-misc/screen  #Not required, but recommended for using the scripts on a ssh-ed into machine.

                  This nice little app is a terminal multiplexor.  In other words, it allows you to run a command that's

                  going to take a while, detach from the "screen", and then log out of ssh.

                  You can come back later and reattach to see the status.

Cooresponding packages in Ubuntu:



(There is no rainbow crack package in Ubuntu's repos.  You must build from source http://www.antsight.com/zsl/rainbowcrack/r...ack-1.2-src.zip )



What's included:

7zip_max.sh  -- simply pass it a filename and it'll 7zip it using maximum settings, output file will have .7z appended

connect_ftp.sh -- A one liner to connect to the Hak5 rainbow tables upload server.  After using just type: put <filename> to upload, or help for other commands

gen_tables.sh -- The real meat and potatoes here... Just put in parameters into the generate.list file one per line, and run ./gen_tables.sh .  It will then generate each table using the parameters supplied.  Set and forget. (Also saves log files too :D)

generate.list -- The config file for gen_tables.sh.  Includes some instructions and example lines (comments are supported as long as the first char per line is #, no using it mid-line though)

log/status.sh  -- This one's real nice to give you a percent completion for one of the log files that will appear in the log directory.  Just run it with a log filename as the first argument to see how far you've got to go for that table.

That's about it.. they're pretty easy to use.  One other note about the "screen" program if you want to use it.  just run: screen first before running the gen_tables.sh script.  Then press Ctrl+A then D to Detach from the screen.  Now you have the script working in the background, and can safely log out of ssh and come back later without killing the task.  Also since rtgen itself is resume-aware.. you can safely stop the script at any time and re-run it to resume, it should quickly run through any previous tables and notice they're complete, and continue with the latest one it needs to generate.

Script Kitties MEOW!

Download link:


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