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nyone useing the free & opensource joost alternative Miro ?


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There are so many sites these days with streaming(although illegal) videos from TV, DVD, and Currently Playing in the Theaters.



But most are just search engines with a Flash front end that plays videos from other sites or allow downloads of .divx files from places like stage 6 or similar sites.

And then there are the legal ones like Hulu, but have commercials in the middle of the shows. I managed to watch all of Sci-fi's Tin Man on Hulu. It was a pretty awefull mini series mainly becuse of the acting, but the services was easy to use and plays smoothly. We jsut watched the Simpsons halloween episode on there last night. The one thing it lacks is a way to downlaod the shows or buy them to burn to play anywhere.

66stage ftw

How is it? Is it pay per view or pirated videos? I can't imagine it is legal with new releases being on there unless its some sort of DRM crap. Haven't used it though, so I don't know much about it, but can you give us a little review on it? Is it a search engine like http://sharetv.org/? Actual downlaod services? Streaming service?, etc...looks like a sister site for Veoh trying to look lie Stage6.

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