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christmas sucks


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why do i always get clothes for Christmas?

clothes are boring.

now if i could connect the shirt up so my tv and  pop in a cd and play some games then Christmas would be fun, but  for now, i  keep getting boring presents

who else had a crappy Christmas?

christmas is about family and having fun, if you christmas sucks because you didn't like your gifts you're missing the point and are a greedy spoiled brat

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i like getting clothes, i needed a new coat and thats what i got. did you try asking for video games?

i hated when my parents used to buy me games for Nintendo at the time, it would always end up being some stupid sport game that the jock at the store told them i would like.

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Clothes are expense. I like getting them as well.

but don't you find them boring

when was the last time a shirt increased your 3dmark06 score?

you're 3dmark score is not your penis size wouldn't a pair a pants that make you dick look huge and get's you tail be better?
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"I didn't get what I wanted.."

"I didn't want clothes.."

"gimme gimme gimme..."

"Wah Wah Wah...I had a bad Christmas..."

Somehow reminds me of the Charlie Brown Christmas:

Sally: Please note the size and color of each item, and send as many as possible. If it seems too complicated, make it easy on yourself: just send money. How about tens and twenties?

Charlie Brown: TENS AND TWENTIES? Oh, even my baby sister!

Sally: All I want is what I... I have coming to me. All I want is my fair share.

Charlie Brown: (shouting in desperation) Isn't there anyone out there who can tell me what Christmas is all about?

Linus Van Pelt: Sure, Charlie Brown, I can tell you. Lights, please.

-a spotlight shines on Linus]-

Linus Van Pelt: "And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the fields, keeping watch over their flocks by night. And lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the lord shone round about them, and they were so afraid. And the angel said unto them, "Fear not, for behold, I bring unto you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you this day is born in the City of Bethlehem, a Savior, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; you shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger".

And suddenly there was with the angel, a multitude of the heavenly host, praising God, and saying, 'Glory to God in the highest, and on Earth peace, good will toward men'". That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie brown.

Know what? I didn't ask for anything, and I got everythign I needed....

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why do i always get clothes for Christmas?

clothes are boring.

Clothes are a nightmare to receive for me. I'm tall, and I have long arms. I also rather dislike the stuff my family would like me to strut around in.

So an aunt and uncle gave me 2 identical shirts: one L and one XL because they were unsure about the size.

Naturally even the XL was too small, so I took the stuff back to the store and got a 'refund' (one of those gift card things only valid in their store), which suits me just fine.

The more sensible family members gave me more sensible stuff such as tea, a boardgame and a cook book.

I also managed to get *extremely* annoyed by a redesigned card website (one that prints your supplied image to a card, and then sends it on so you can basically completely design your own 'real' christmas card). Their flash app wouldn't work properly with anything other than IE, and by the time I had IE at my disposal it was the night before christmas and there was no way in hell this card would get delivered on time.

On the plus size, it was the perfect excuse to send a nice apology to a girl I'm courting, which resulted in a "making up" dinner + movie date.

Like VaKo, I'm really liking christmas this year. :)

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Christmas is a pagan feastivle celbrating the winter solstice, hence all the traditions of excess, food and alchol. early christians found that it was easier to simply rebrand it with a made up story of christs birth than to irradicate the thing. later on it was banned as non christian by the protistant church in england. todays celebration is so far removed from the original. same thing with easter, just easier for missionarys to change the meaning than stamp out the pagan feastivle.

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I had a awsome christmas, all may family was here and my aunt was having a baby so my uncle and me hooked up skype so we talked to them.

I got a hak5 tshirt (How the shit did they know i watch it?)

A 50 hour external baterie

and a new laptop. it was awsome!

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christmas is usually like this every year.  I was able to get my self some better stuff  since i made some extra money from people calling me  over to their house to fix their computer

so i got my self some 2700mAh rechargeable AA's and a new multimeter  and will probably get a new heatsink

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