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The number of GB this christmas


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I didn't know I was supposed to keep track, but for legal reasons, I would say: 0

Sharing is illegal and deamed a crime by the RIAA and MPAA. Other than that, I can't count that high. :)

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Computer gear (that I'm interested in) tends to be in a price range that is *WAY* beyond what we consider appropriate for a christmas gift.

So it's 0GB both ways.

I did treat myself to a lovely KMT LinkSystem 6 patch panel though.

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500GB for me this season. I have stopped asking for computer parts for birthdays or Christmas, they never get it right and i have to return it. i love gift cards, everyone thinks they're not personal and don't like them but Christmas is not the same anymore.

fucking XMAS this is not futurama.

width=500 height=375333670456_ad430cfc60.jpg?v=0 [/img]

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0 as of now but I tell everyone give me best buy gift cards for x-mass and b-day is in jan so when I get them all in I have $200-$300 and can get something nice :)


good choice there cheif

hey thanks I never knew that I don't use their kiosks or website other than for browsing I like to go into the store and walk out with whatever I get not waiting for shipping :)

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Your in deep trouble if you need to ask a salesman anything beyond "is it in stock?"

Greatly depends on the item. The thing to do though is to walk into a store, get the guy to tell you everything he knows, then head on home and verify what he claims. Did this with my TV once. I mean, good luck trying to see if a TV can generate an image you approve of using a website. Stats are an aid, but there are numbers that you simply need to experience to understand their value to you.

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