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One Click VNC


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I do a lot of tech support for family and friends but it is always a pain not being able to see what they are seeing.  I usually use PC Anywhere if I have it set up on their machine or remote assistance but these can be a pain.  The One Click VNC showcased in episode 3x05 is great.  I've used it several times already and it makes my life so much easier.  There is only one problem, on a few machines it did not connect.  I am unsure if this is because of Windows firewall or a firewall on their router. 

Is there anyway around this besides walking someone through port forwarding on their router. 

What I am really looking for is for me to send a friend a file and have them do as little as possible for me to remote into their computer.  A lot of times I do work for people who can barely turn a computer on so it needs to be very simple.  95% of the people are running Windows XP home. 

I'm sure a lot of you guys do the same thing so any tips on how you do it is greatly appreciated. 

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I checked out crossloop but it seems you still need to have it installed on both PCs. What I'm looking for is something more like One Click VNC where the user just needs to click once. I know I'm being picky but some people are just incapable of installing something or do not want something installed on their PC.

If what I'm looking for doesn't exist just let me know.

Thanks again for input.

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