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You know, all this "change your password" stuff and I went and changed it yesterday. I was so tired, I forget what the hell I changed it to. So next time I logout, I am going to have to figure out what the hell I did.  :lol:

That's really irritating, I did that once when I was drunk and sleep deprived... never used any of those accounts again.

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definitely hacked and contact info passed, i'm getting "invites to friendship" and "hello" messages from this forum. not happy, definitely your endian, haven't been here in a dog's age, too busy at work so i haven't used the login. If you are hacked then password change might not be effective, besides they got me already, but i will change anyway. of course. :(

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That's nothing to do with anyone getting hacked, that's just simple spam PMs. Annoying, yes, but nothing to do with anything being compromised. Forward any of those PMs to a moderator otherwise we don't know about them, and we can't deal with them.

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