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Capture Video from Windows Media Player


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Hey guys, I'm trying to capture a specific scene/clip out of a movie using camtasia or snag it capture software. I can capture images and anything else that's going on just fine, but when I try to capture a playing clip in wmp it records nothing but a black screen. Can this just not be done? I wanna capture a specific scene maybe 15 seconds and edit it a little if possible. Or would it be better to use some tools to cut/merge the video?

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The only video player you can take screen shots of and see the video in the player is quicktime.

But I would just use the 'Save Screenshot" function in kaffeine my self. Also it appears that the screen capture program that comes with kubuntu is fine with capturing video in kaffeine any way.

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Depending on the format of the video, just drop it in Movie Maker or Camtasia Studio and crop out the scene you want and save the cropped video. No need to Screen cap a video of a video. It would come out poor quality anyway. If its a DVD, then you need something a little more powerfull, but any WMV,AVI, and MPEG file should open in either Movie Maker or Camtasia Studio's video editor. Just depends on the video format and what tools you have to work with.

Screen captures with Camtasia work best when making instructional videos to follow the mouse, windows, etc.. around on the screen, but will come out choppy when trying to record video of video.

Windows Media Player can dump individual snapshots of a video one at a time with "Ctrl+i" combo but this just saves it as an image. WMP10 ( I think since 9 on up) can make clips for emails using a mark in/out function, so using WMP you can make the clip for an email, but just save it elsewhere for later. It's under "Media Link for Email" in the Enhancements settings.

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