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Custom Hak5Radio


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Hey Guys!

I made an app in VB.NET that uses the VLC activeX component to play the Hak5radio stream as well as tell you the current song and how many people are listening!


- .NET Framework 2.0 Download Here

- VLC Installed Download Here

I don't have a place to host it right now so all I can do is tease you with a screenshot.  If you know of a place to host this or you can host it please leave a post here or pm me. 

SomeoneE1se is hosting it! Thank You!

width=353 height=293http://arch.kimag.es/share/11453715.jpg[/img]

Next I will add notification on either new song or when someone starts streaming, or both.

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theres something wrong with that

it repeats the same block of info like 6 times

<server_name>Hak5Radio -<br>  //MISSING </server_name>

$title = <audio_info>ice-samplerate=44100;ice-bitrate=128;ice-channels=2</audio_info>











<server_description>total bullshit songs you hate.</server_description>

anyway you could just make seperate pages for server_description, server_name, listeners.  With the only thing on the whole page is just that.  For some reason that broken tag seems to break vb.net's html parsing

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