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Hacksaw Command Question


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nope that's you're server you can/should change it to googles

I know this maybe a very stupid question, but what is google's mail server?

I very new to sending mail outside the nice gmail interface.

An even more obvious question: would it be the incoming or outgoing server? I think its the outgoing, but am not entirely sure.

the two servers are these I believe:

incoming: pop.gmail.com

outgoing: smtp.gmail.com

Much appreciated.

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stop and think...

do you want to send the mail out or do you want to get the mail in?

and remember the account you use will have the name and password in plaintext so if anyone finds the files they'll have all the account infomation

I just tried both. Neither worked.

All my account information is correct. My firewall is set up to allow blat and stunnel to internet access.

Any suggestions?

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