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AutoRun Video File then Payload


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Ok guys, something I'm currently working on. Upon autorun I am trying to have my usb key launch a video file, .wmv or .avi then execute the payload.

I'm sure it can't be too hard I finished the video but haven't tried launching yet I will tonight. I figured I'd ask in case others might find it interesting as well.

I'm looking for comments, suggestions on what you guys think would be the best approach. I'm sure I can set it to autorun video.wmv and in XP/Vista it will open in whatever default video player the user has set, but I was wondering... I think I saw a post or someone mention somewhere portable VLC player?

My idea now is to install portable VLC player to my usb key and have it autorun my video file via portable VLC. Now I haven't looked yet, but I'm sure it could be easily done in a .bat using the path to portable VLC install with command line options? I'm on lunch now I'm gonna give it a shot when I get home tonight, just wanted to open this for suggestions.

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Well what I would really like to do, is my payload kinda like a game with random trivia that goes out to a web server to switch trivia and if you get it right goto safety if you get it wrong infect. So I'm starting out creating video file's with random trivia would like to create some sort of animated video/image with the trivia though.

Yea I figured It'd be that easy to pass it to VLC and I was able to figure it out quickly: [vlc -f video.wmv] works perfectly for what I'm wanting:D

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Oh yea one thing I forgot to ask, say I want to use an interactive image instead of a video file. I've seen alot of images lately via myspace and around the web that move. What would be the best way to create such an image I'm not exactly sure what to search for on that one? I assume their made with Flash?

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Ahh... I see... I'll do some poking around I'm sure it can't be too hard to do. I've ran into my first problem. I got the video auto running  full screen just like im wanting, but when it's over vlc stays open. I'm not sure why it doesn't close.

@echo off

IF EXSIT C:safety.txt GOTO END

call vlc.exe -f --disabled-screensaver video.wmv

taskkill /F /IM vlc.exe


echo random message

ping localost -n 4 >nul


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