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DX10.1 - what a load of ball s**t


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With windows vista sp1, they are realeasing the new update to dx10 - dx10.1, with this 0.1 update, everyone who has jus spent lots of money on there new dx10 graphics cards cant use the new technology.

I think this is total bolloks.

is there anyway dx10.1 will run on dx10 cards?

i jus spent out on 2 8800ultra's and now i hear after christmas they wont be able to run the next dx update!!

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You have, can you buy DX10.1 hardware yet? Are there DX10.1 games yet? Do you auto-magically expect your cards to never become obsolete? Its a minor revision of the standard, not some giant fuck-you from nvidia/MS.

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this is why I never buy first gen videocards

when the geforce fx 5200 came out, it was a flop 

when the first direct x 9 card came out, it was a flop as it was unable to offer  porper performance at max settings for may games at the time

  when the first direct x 10 card came out (geforce 8800)  it was only able to get 10FPS  on high end direct x 10 games (crysis when completely maxed out)

we can expect more  marketing pressure on the public with direct x  for now

when direct x 10.1 comes out, most gamers be annoyed that after spending over $1000 to go sli or 600 to go for a really high end cars, that they will not even be able to use the full settings of games coming out  a few months later

it is like some of the users at toms hardware, they upgrade from a 7900GTX to a 8800GTX  because their 7900GTX only did medium to high settings,  but when they got their 8800GTX, they were still only able to do medium to high with out lagging    both cards couldnt max out  crysis

for me, I wont buy a new card  if the new one cant run the games I like at 60+ fps maxed out

when i  buy a videocars, I want a extreme night and day difference in performance  (kinda like the feel you get when going from a geforce 2, to a geforce fx 5900 )

ii want this kind of performance increase when ever I upgrade. 

but this will not happen until  everyone decided to stick with their current cards and not buy new ones unless they see major performance increases

companies like nvidia know that some peopls are easily tricked into spending a lot on a videocard for just a minute improvement, thats why they purposly slow their cards down

for example,  if you  use rivatuner  on many nvidia cards, you will see  things like  8 locked pipelines out of the total 16

or 12 locked pipelines   

and when you buy  a newer card, you will see that all they did was unlock 4-8 of the locked pipelines

they force everyone into making minute performance increases from their money, that way we will buy a new card  more often and they will make more money

videocard companies are becoming more and more lazy and charging more and more for their cards

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