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When is USB Chainsaw Going to be Released?


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Here is the link. It's located in community projects next to hacksaw and switchblade.


Here's the descriptions of it:

Set to release on November 5 on HAK.5 Episode 2x04 -- The USB Chainsaw is described as an all purpose physical access hacking device able to take advantage of many x86 based operating systems, including Windows and Linux. No other details are available at time of writing. Dev5 Project

Still in early development, the USB Chainsaw is described as a all purpose physical access hacking device able to take advantage of many x86 based operating systems, including Windows and Linux.

I haven't seen any late notifications. Any ideas?

Much appreciated

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The chainsaw is a community joke if you will.

Do you all realize that the current episode is 3x05?

Thats a whole season after 2x04, about a year.

If it was going to be released/was real it would have shown up by now.  It was a concept, nothing was ever done with it...

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Yeah, we're kinda a wee bit late on development of that one.

Basically the chainsaw is a OS agnostic USB Boot & Brute utility, but I've started to think up other sysadmin / rescue / white hat things that can be done with it.

The scenario is this: U3's CDFS partition shows up in BIOS as CD-ROM. Set PC's boot order to allow booting from U3 drive. May need to bypass BIOS security with commonly published backdoor passwords. U3 drive boots, loads NTFS read support. Loads USB Mass Storage drivers. Mounts USB drive's main read/write FAT32 partition. Copy %systemroot%system32configsam to the USB drive. Run SAM against SAMDump2 to grab the hashes. At this point you have the option to either remove the drive and run the hashes against some tables on your machine, or let the target computer crack its own hashes with rcrack and a set of tables loaded on the USB drive. I love the irony of instructing a computer hack itself. Anyway, all the while use some spiffy utilities to either blank out the screen or display a defrag/booting/bsod/otherwise image on the screen as not to bring attention to itself.

Thats the basic concept. I've got 90% of that working now but I'd like to get networking support going before talking about it on the show. Once its on the network a lot of fun things like netcat or sshd can be used to connect target machine to the mothership for further instructions.

This is of course all assuming that you can get the machine to boot from the CDFS partition on the U3 drive. So far my experience has been mixed. Our VTR took it no questions asked while our friend Chris Gerling's machine wasn't having it. Normally it shows up in bios as a CD-ROM labeled "Sandisk Cruzer" or something of the sort.


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Finally, more details!

My original draft of my post was a little worse because I was hoping to incite someone to say, no you're wrong, it exists and x, y, and z are being done with it.

I've seen people ask before and no one ever says anything about it or reveals more details.

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